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DISPATCH - Heavy Duty Super concentrated Bactericidal Grease Emulsifier - 5Ltr

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DISPATCH is a blend of surfactants, emulsifiers & solubising agents.

DISPATCH is designed to act on grease, animal fats and protein deposits.

DISPATCH swiftly dissolves them into an emulsion, which can easily be rinsed away with water, with the minimal amount of scrubbing, leaving the treated area clean and free from bacteria.

DISPATCH is non-toxic, non-flammable & fully biodegradable.


DISPATCH is highly concentrated and may be diluted up to 400-1 with hot or cold water for most applications, 25-1 for very heavy soiling.

DISPATCH can be used anywhere fats and grease are a problem.

DISPATCH is particularly effective at unblocking drains.

DISPATCH can be applied by hand, in a bucket, hand sprayer, through a steam cleaner or pressure washer.

Typical Uses

DISPATCH is ideal for use in Food Factories, Food Preparation areas, Abattoirs, Mortuaries, Meat Markets, Dairies, Bakeries, Hospitals etc. in fact anywhere that grease, blood or body fats need removing

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