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Pine Disinfectant - 25Ltr

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Aquarius Disinfectant 25ltrs

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AQUARIUS is a high strength, animal safe,extra strong and extremely safe disinfectant.

AQUARIUS Disinfectant is a high Strength, Animal Safe Disinfectant which is a biodegradable general purpose concentrated disinfectant. AQUARIUS Disinfects, cleans & deodorises with the clean fresh smell of pine. completely non hazardous & safe to use  and is suitable for cleaning & disinfecting all types of floors, walls, paintwork, sinks, drains, kennels & lavatories it is completely animal safe and pet safe. So can be used for cleaning and disinfecting all animla hutches, cages, stables etc. AQUARIUS is affective against a wide range of bacterias and viruses such as Ecoli, Samonella, Parvo.

AQUARIUS is perfect for cleaning & disinfecting  wetsuits, neoprene rubber without causing any wear on the rubber. Please ensure thorough rinsing to avoid mild skin irritation on sensitive skin

AQUARIUS is effective against a wide range of bacteria and is, therefore, is ideal for us wherever a high standard of hygeine is essential. Based on quanternary ammonium compund & complies with British Standard 6424-1990 Grade QAP 50.

AQUARIUS  kills bacteria & helps prevent the spread of infection.


AQUARIUS is a must for disinfecting Hospitals, Kennels, Kitchens, Washrooms, Leisure Centres, Swimming Pools, Changing Rooms, Toilets, Council Facilities, etc.

How to use Aquarius Disinfectant

Disinfecting & general cleaning- Dilute 1 part Aquarius with 50 parts hot water ( 1/2 a cup per 5ltrs of water) mop or wipes the surface.

To Disinfect Toilets, Sinks & Drains- Use undiluted to disinfect & help eradicate bad odours

Available in  5ltrs £ 13.99 & 25ltrs  £ 69.95 each Container

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